Property Management Services


Homeowners are struggling with the option of selling their home in a down real estate market and asking themselves if renting is a better option.  To some becoming a landlord is daunting and they don’t know where to begin. Many have tried to manage their own property and find the job to be time consuming and overwhelming.

At Peak Realty and Management, we specialize in the management of residential properties including single family homes, cottages, apartments, condos and townhomes. We offers full property management services that include marketing, tenant screening, lease preparations, scheduled maintenance, emergency repairs, rent collections, income/expense accounting, and continue to be educated on current state and federal laws.

Today’s rental market is the strongest it’s been in years.  Vacancy rates are low, rents are high and property managers have a good pool of qualified tenants to place in properties.

We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss all your options.

Services I Offer Include:

  • Tenant procurement
  • Advertising may include MLS,, and print ad when applicable
  • Tenant screening to include: credit, criminal, check fraud, employment history, past rental history and references
  • Preparation of leases, disclosures and property inspection forms
  • Monthly accounting and ledger for tenants and owners- 10% of monthly rent
  • Bank deposits if necessary
  • Routine and emergency maintenance of property


Q. Do you have to be licensed to be a property manager?

A. Yes. The state ofColoradorequires property managers to hold a valid and current Colorado Real Estate Broker’s license. All Brokers’ are regulated by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

Q. How do I know if a tenant is qualified? 

A. We require potential tenants to fill out our application, submit copies of driver’s license and pay application fee prior to our screening process. We then do extensive verification of credit, current and past employment, current and past rental history, nationwide criminal background check, sex offender registry, SS # and check fraud and personal references.     

Q. Who takes care of the tenants lease and security deposits?

A. Peak Realty and Management will prepare all lease and required disclosures for the tenants. We will collect and hold their security and pet deposits in our FDIC protected escrow account.

Q. What happens if the tenant has a problem? Do they call me?

A. No. The tenant’s only contact will be with Peak Realty and Management. We will keep you informed of emergencies or any routine maintenance that your property shall require. 

Q. Who do you call to make emergency repairs?

A. We have relationships with many licensed tradesman in our area. You also may request a company that you have used in the past as long as they are licensed and  insured.

Q. How do you advertise the property?

A. We will always place a sign on the property announcing that the property is for rent. We also will put the listing on our local MLS and advertise on various real estate/rental websites.  We also use print ad if needed or applicable.

Q. Do you keep accounting records? How do I know what has been paid and how much I will receive at the end of the month?

A. We keep detailed ledgers for both owners and tenants. Once a month we send your detailed ledger that accounts for all your funds. It will show the rent received, paid invoices, property management expenses and your net proceeds.

Q. How do you get my monthly proceeds to me?

A. We will gladly send you a check or make a deposit into your bank account.